Julia joined the Slanted project in 2007. She studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt and lives and works in Karlsruhe. In 2014 she set up the publishing and media house Slanted Publishers together with Lars Harmsen.

Besides publishing the award-winning print magazine and daily blog Slanted, covering international developments in design and culture, Slanted Publishers initiates and creates other design-related projects and publications. One of these projects is the Yearbook of Type that presents an independent selection of new typefaces created all over the world—from larger publishers to smaller, independent typographers and foundries.

The comprehensive compendium presents a well curated overview that gives an impression of the typeface and its appearance on paper. The emotional and well constructed informative presentation of the typefaces will serve designers and agencies as a source of inspiration and help select the right typeface. As a catalog and reference work it is also of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of typesetting and the latest in typeface design.

Slanted was born from great passion and has made a name for itself across the globe. Its design is vibrant and inspiring — its philosophy open-minded, tolerant, and curious.